Becky Meyer


December 2013
Cotton linen blend Shibori idye



I have always had a compulsion to learn. I have moved from one medium to the next, creating work that reflects a variety of skills. Textiles, as of late, have become a platform where I can combine previous study in fine arts and carpentry, while exploring the functional and non-functional. The gathering and collecting of skills fuels my creativity from one project to the next. With a cache of technique and knowledge I believe the strength in my work is developing the combination of processes in which to construct and execute a piece. Currently, I have made ventures into the fabrication of yardage, furniture and compositional pieces with in weaving and surface design, which reflect texture-based aesthetic contrasting manufactured structured lines with that of an organic sensibility. My weavings, although created in the fashion of a very rigid and ordered discipline, explore contradictions of intentional sags or organically inspired installation. My palette demonstrates an interest in muted, neutral tones highlighted by accents of bold and saturated colours with the intention of creating a sense of visual weight.