Stephanie Symns


Bridge Series: Granville
22 x 58 inches
Jacquard weaving; bamboo warp, wool/cotton/lurex weft


Bridge Series: Sydney Harbor
22 x 40 inches
Jacquard weaving; bamboo warp, merino/cotton weft


Space Fields Damask
39 x 68 inches
Screenprint; water-based pigment


Artist Statement
I am happiest making things, with a special love for textiles and the layered historical, feminist and multi-cultural vernacular intrinsically linked to textile-based work. I am pulled between notions of art and function, craft and design, form and utility in search of direction. I am interested in color, scale and repetition, pattern, collage, modularity, paying close attention to detail, computational aesthetics, systems theory, process and material exploration. My work tends to have a fairly graphic style and I continue to happily search for an aesthetic that is authentically my own.