Meghan Rosner


Candy Stripe
Ikat silk wool warp and silk wool weft.

Candy stripe.


Birch Feather Tunic
35” long
Shibori pleat resisted cotton tunic.


25” long
Shibori pole wrapped wool/silk sweater, acid dyes.



Artist Statement:

My work blends a finely detailed aesthetic with a playful and colourful approach to materials and concept. Creating tension between order and chaos, I make informed work that is not overly serious. I remain open to mischief and randomness, irreverently creating visual noise and movement in my design, while I allow the inherent structure and resonance in the material to guide and inform my work. Craftsmanship, not perfectionism, is a central motivating force in my practice.

My woodworking skills often come into play in my textile creations. Experimenting and blending the two disciplines allows my curious nature to always question how they could be stretched to new uses and employed in new ways. Sense of place, natural geography and particularly, my hometown, Vancouver also draw my curiosity. I find inspiration in the city’s built environment and its ecology.
I wish to create work that is evocative of shared human experience. My personal history becomes a starting point, and as the project evolves, I attempt to reference commonality and connection.